No two clients are the same, so we always chart a unique course; however, many times our results are achieved using the following general approach:

  • Articulating a well-conceived objective and measurable outcome.
  • Analysis of the objective, and determining if it is best reached through contracting options, legislative advocacy, or a combination of the two.
  • Identifying the proper Executive branch entity that can not only most benefit from our client’s product, innovation or service, but that also presents the best opportunity for collaboration.
  • Teaming with the appropriate entity in order to craft a message for Congress that is concise, consistent and positively reinforced by hearings, budget/policy documents and staff activity.
  • Executing a plan that targets key Members of Congress and their staffs who, based on personal knowledge, past voting records, areas of committee jurisdiction, or public statements, are most advantageous to our client’s cause.
  • Monitoring Congressional and Executive activity, and sustaining a closed loop of timely and effective communication with Members and their staffs, federal agencies and client decision-makers.

As we implement our strategy, we build a strong professional relationship with our client to understand their competencies, resources, and potential. By understanding past and current policy, in addition to anticipating change, we then identify and engage in the approaches that will most effectively accomplish client objectives. Importantly, we always endeavor to define an outcome that will not only satisfy the client’s business objective, but one that will also play a value-added role in national security.

We work closely with the client to evaluate political representation, identify contractual vehicles, evaluate customer bases, assess competitors, analyze markets, leverage budget cycles, develop and utilize relationships, and find discriminators that maximize the political footprint for a particular business issue or goal.

A Full Service Approach

Our full service approach links our clients to the government’s planning, programming, budgeting, execution, and legislative processes. By coupling implementation of well-planned legislative and business development strategies with timely public relations events, our team positions itself to create and capitalize on opportunities. Additionally, we are constantly seeking synergies—between our clients, their customers, and industry—to further promote and create business.

In addition to client-specific activity, we continually maintain personal contact with Members of Congress, their staff, and Executive agency personnel to learn of relevant trends and information. This is done in a variety of settings, including political events, professional forums, and social functions. This contact reinforces our strong network of relationships, assuring open and effective lines of communication whenever our clients need them.

By synthesizing the information gained from our network with some of the more administrative approaches to lobbying, such as monitoring periodicals, reports, and other legislative documents, we work in an efficient and all-inclusive manner to advance client interests. Equally important, we monitor the activities of others with an interest in our efforts, and assist our clients in responding appropriately.

Leveraging Networks and Suppliers

Along with providing advice on legislative trends and political concerns, our extensive networks assist in properly identifying business development targets. We can help match a client’s abilities with hot buttons and projects of interest to federal agencies, Members of Congress, and their staff. Additionally, our knowledge and understanding of contractual processes enables many clients to expand their scope of operations through teaming as well as direct competition.

Finally, an uncommon area of expertise we possess is that of leveraging the political power of enterprise suppliers and partners. One of our principals was the creator and administrator of the defense industry’s benchmark supplier political database, which has been and continues to be enthusiastically used by the world’s largest government contractor. Client teammates are potent multipliers, yet they are typically unused, underused, or misused; we have the skill to maximize their impact, and consequently to deploy a strong, coherent, legislative force to address an issue.

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